About Uddnäs

Uddnäs farm is situated in the village of Löa 30 km north of Lindesberg in the heart of Bergslagen. Farming, forestry and melting iron ore have given our family and ancestors our living for several hundred years. As one of the owners of the village foundry we still are active in looking after it –nowadays as a museum.

The blacksmith´s workshop was built at the end of the 1700-th century. In the north part there was a washing room and towards the lake the blacksmith´s workshop. At the beginning of the 2000- century the farmers in the village wanted to have bigger fiends. Therefore they lowered the lake level. Then there became too far to the water for using the washing room. However the blacksmith used the house until 1950.

Per Ols was built 2012 – 2013. It´s a beautifully situated spacious timber house for 6-7 persons  with very high standard, well equipped kitchen and washing room.